6 reasons for your satisfaction

You gain time

‘Time is money’. When Benjamin Franklin spoke these words in 1748, he probably didn’t expect how appropriate they would become in 21st century. The extraordinary progress of civilisation in recent years, more and more advanced technology, information and communication technologies undoubtedly improve our daily lives and work. On the other hand they absorb more and more of our precious time that could be used in a more productive way.

It often happens that the new listings posted on the websites are repeated or are already out of date. Why waste time on a tedious search for properties on the internet or in the local press. Simply tell us what it is that you are looking for and among the thousands of offers we will find some interesting proposals, which best suit your needs so you can make the right choice. With us you also get priority access to all new listings directly from our internal database as soon as they become available, before they are published in public media.

You save money

Sales of properties is not easy in the increasingly demanding market conditions and requires adequate preparation, commitment and patience. Successful sale of properties today does not only involve posting adverts in newspapers or on the Internet, because the properties offered to all public, paradoxically, may attract no one's attention. Therefore, as soon as we are instructed for sale, we prepare a detailed description of a property and develop a suitable marketing and advertising strategy so that the new listing can be noticed immediately by the potential buyers.

You are in control

With us you are in control of the progress of the transaction. We stay in regular contact with our customers which we keep up to date about marketing steps undertaken, progress in the negotiations and subsequent stages of the sale or purchase of property, so that the transaction goes smoothly and quickly.

You are well informed

Thanks to our membership in various organizations and industry associations, participation in property fairs in the country as well as abroad. Attending regular training and professional development, we constantly expand our knowledge and we follow the current trends in the property market. Thus we provide our clients at all times with up to date information on the current situation in the property market, pricing levels and anticipated changes within the market.

You can feel safe

As estate agents we are aware of particular responsibilities for the conduct and safety of all transactions. Therefore in our work we follow transparent and fair rules, and we provide our clients with complete confidentiality.

In order to ensure maximum security of transactions, we verify in detail the legal status of all properties and prepare the necessary documentation, but we also follow the procedures of secure money transfers. In order to protect the interests of our clients, Clever Estate Agents has public liability insurance in place.

We conduct our business in accordance with the provisions of the Real Estate Management Act 21st August 1997, and professional standards of estate agents.

We protect your privacy

Respecting the privacy of our customers is essential, we ensure that all personal information and data relating to properties provided by our clients is dealt with confidentially. Our clients data will be used only where necessary to complete the transaction and will not be disclosed to third parties. Clients database at Clever Estate Agents is under the permanent supervision of the Chief Inspector for Personal Data (GIODO).